Cordyce School Information

Cordyce is located in Riverview Drive, Dyce, AB21 7NF. School was established in date 01/01/2000. It comes under the authority of Aberdeen City, Scotland.

Cordyce is a Special school. Head Teacher of this school is None. This school is a Privately managed School and is identified by establishment number #None.

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School Location & Contact Details

Cordyce School, Riverview Drive, Dyce, AB21 7NF

General Information About School

School Name Cordyce
School Number None
Phase Of Education Special
School Type Privately managed School
Status Of Establishment None
Establishment Date 01/01/2000

School Location Details

Complete Address Cordyce School, Riverview Drive, Dyce, AB21 7NF
Locality Dyce
Street Riverview Drive
Town None
County None
Country Scotland
Postcode AB21 7NF

Map Of Cordyce School

School Admission Criteria And Religious Character

Admissions Policy None
Highest Age None
Lowest Age None
Sixth Form Policy None
Specific Gender None
Religious Character Non-denominational
Religious Ethos None

School Contact Details And Administration

Headteacher None
Local Authority Aberdeen City
Telephone 01224 724215
Website / Email_Address
Mailing Address Cordyce School, Riverview Drive, Dyce, AB21 7NF