Postcodes in Amber Valley District

This article covers information about postcodes in Amber Valley's local authority district. Amber Valley is an administrative area in Derbyshire County. Amber Valley district is further divided into 23 Wards.

Below is a complete list of Amber Valley Postcodes, it has 2779 active postcodes. Amber Valley contains approximately 52602 residential properties with a population of about 122335.

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Amber Valley Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 122335
Addresses / Property Count 52602
Active Postcodes 2779
County Derbyshire
No Of Wards in Amber Valley 23

What is a District

The United Kingdom is primarily divided into large area blocks called Counties. A district is an administrative block in the UK and part of a County council area. The district is also the second-largest administrative block in the UK after counties. These are also known as local authority districts and are different from city districts. Amber Valley is a local authority district in Derbyshire county. Districts are majorly categorized into 4 types namely:

  • Non-Metropolitan districts
  • Unitary authority areas
  • Metropolitan boroughs
  • London boroughs

Sub Divisions Of a district

Districts are subdivided into different local administrative blocks. Other categories of local administrative blocks that comes under district authority are as follows:

  • Parish
  • Wards
  • Cities

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This map shows all wards in the district of Amber Valley, zoom to view all the pointers. If you click on any pointer you can see the ward name. Below the ward name, you can see a link called view postcodes. Click on the link to see the postcodes for that ward.

List of Amber Valley postcodes

showing 0-50 of 2779 active postcodes in Amber Valley
Postcode Ward Latitude Longitude
DE21 5BA Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook 52.98439000 -1.44983900
DE21 5BB Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook 52.98850000 -1.45032300
DE21 5BD Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.98419500 -1.44452400
DE21 5BE Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook 52.98889400 -1.45965800
DE21 5BF Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99671000 -1.44114500
DE21 5BH Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.98930300 -1.44517300
DE21 5BJ Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.98536900 -1.42850800
DE21 5BL Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99335100 -1.43412700
DE21 5BN Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99660300 -1.43193800
DE21 5BP Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99585100 -1.43625400
DE21 5BQ Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99630700 -1.43577200
DE21 5BR Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99662600 -1.44056500
DE21 5BS Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99665600 -1.43730200
DE21 5BT Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse 52.99579700 -1.43825100
DE22 2ET Duffield 52.96589400 -1.47877900
DE22 2NJ South West Parishes 52.94732300 -1.50845100
DE22 2NN South West Parishes 52.94753000 -1.50838900
DE22 2NP South West Parishes 52.94807200 -1.51142300
DE22 2QD South West Parishes 52.94688000 -1.50997400
DE22 4DS South West Parishes 52.92706200 -1.53783600
DE22 4DT South West Parishes 52.92642600 -1.53831800
DE22 4LY South West Parishes 52.93462400 -1.53142200
DE22 4LZ South West Parishes 52.93442400 -1.53322000
DE22 4NA South West Parishes 52.93724900 -1.54075200
DE22 4NB South West Parishes 52.93520500 -1.53514500
DE22 4ND South West Parishes 52.93973400 -1.54632100
DE22 4NE South West Parishes 52.93732400 -1.55555100
DE22 4NF South West Parishes 52.93689500 -1.53508700
DE22 4NG South West Parishes 52.93609400 -1.53029000
DE22 4NR South West Parishes 52.92626000 -1.53741300
DE22 4NS South West Parishes 52.92689500 -1.53643900
DE22 4NY South West Parishes 52.92761000 -1.53995700
DE22 4NZ South West Parishes 52.92725100 -1.54021400
DE22 4PA South West Parishes 52.92781300 -1.54142700
DE22 4PB South West Parishes 52.92802500 -1.54038400
DE22 4PD South West Parishes 52.92832700 -1.53938400
DE22 4PF South West Parishes 52.92911100 -1.54244000
DE22 4PG South West Parishes 52.92806300 -1.54334400
DE22 4PH South West Parishes 52.92821400 -1.54295500
DE22 4PJ South West Parishes 52.93717400 -1.53992000
DE22 4PQ South West Parishes 52.92704800 -1.54363700
DE22 5JA South West Parishes 52.96374000 -1.50477000
DE22 5JB South West Parishes 52.95729300 -1.50646600
DE22 5JD South West Parishes 52.96413500 -1.51990700
DE22 5JE South West Parishes 52.96311800 -1.50437500
DE22 5JF South West Parishes 52.95650900 -1.50599900
DE22 5JG South West Parishes 52.95605200 -1.50640600
DE22 5JH South West Parishes 52.95941900 -1.53654300
DE22 5JJ South West Parishes 52.96701500 -1.54822400
DE22 5JL South West Parishes 52.97535200 -1.54457800
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