Find any Property and Postcode with the Postcode Finder Tool

Written By Mallika Basu - Reviewed By Amy O'Brien

The Royal Mail introduced the postcode system in London in 1857. The primary purpose of the postcodes was to ensure that the Royal Mail could deliver mail to the correct address, and it was a unique technique to make the process more efficient. Currently, we have more than 1.8 million active postcodes in the UK. You will be surprised to know that each postcode covers 15 properties that range from 1 to 100. Because of this, it is often challenging for postmasters to find the correct address or postcode. Here we have a guide that will help you understand the postcodes.

Below is the UK Postcode Finder box. It lets you search the UK postcode database with your street name, city name, ward, district, and sector or use the auto-complete.

Find Postcodes &and Property Across UK
Search your Postcode using street name, locality, street or prefix.

Decoding the postcodes

Postcodes are not static. Every day new properties are built, and the old ones get demolished. That is why the Royal Mail has to re-code the properties to maintain the delivery system's efficiency. Because of this, new postcodes get added, removed and changed. Here is how you can decode the postcodes.

UK postcode format
  • The first two alphabets in the postcode will show you the area
  • The following two numbers will show the district of that area
  • Next comes a single number, that is the sector where you have to go
  • The last two alphabets are the unit which represents the INCODE; This INCODE is primarily used to locate an address.

Use the Postcode Finder

We understand that sometimes it needs expertise to decode a postcode. If you make a single mistake during the decoding process, you might reach the area you were not supposed to go. To help you out with the decoding process, we have built our Postcode Finder Tool.

This tool will allow you to find all the required addresses and postcodes. You can also use this tool to reverse address or postcode searches. Postcode Locator helps you locate any street, area, house, or business. Try the tool today and be amazed.

How it works

The best thing about the Postcode Finder is that it is effortless. You will not have to deal with any confusion while using the system. All you have to do is enter the address or postcode you have in mind.

Once the search parameter [postcode /street name/ address] is entered, the search results will display a list of properties and postcodes in that area. The results can be further refined by selecting additional filters, like postcode area, district, city etc.


Postcode Finder updates new real estate data and postcodes regularly. We ensure that users get updated active postcodes and real estate information.