Postcodes in New Forest District

This article covers information about postcodes in New Forest's local authority district. New Forest is an administrative area in Hampshire County. New Forest district is further divided into 34 Wards.

Below is a complete list of New Forest Postcodes, it has 5509 active postcodes. New Forest contains approximately 76831 residential properties with a population of about 176453.

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New Forest Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 176453
Addresses / Property Count 76831
Active Postcodes 5509
County Hampshire
No Of Wards in New Forest 34

What is a District

The United Kingdom is primarily divided into large area blocks called Counties. A district is an administrative block in the UK and part of a County council area. The district is also the second-largest administrative block in the UK after counties. These are also known as local authority districts and are different from city districts. New Forest is a local authority district in Hampshire county. Districts are majorly categorized into 4 types namely:

  • Non-Metropolitan districts
  • Unitary authority areas
  • Metropolitan boroughs
  • London boroughs

Sub Divisions Of a district

Districts are subdivided into different local administrative blocks. Other categories of local administrative blocks that comes under district authority are as follows:

  • Parish
  • Wards
  • Cities

View Map Of New Forest Wards

This map shows all wards in the district of New Forest, zoom to view all the pointers. If you click on any pointer you can see the ward name. Below the ward name, you can see a link called view postcodes. Click on the link to see the postcodes for that ward.

List of New Forest postcodes

showing 0-50 of 5509 active postcodes in New Forest
Postcode Ward Latitude Longitude
BH23 5QQ Bransgore and Burley 50.75232400 -1.68624500
BH23 7AG Bransgore and Burley 50.77403400 -1.74600500
BH23 7AH Bransgore and Burley 50.77333100 -1.74544200
BH23 7AJ Bransgore and Burley 50.77536700 -1.74696200
BH23 7AT Ringwood East and Sopley 50.76947900 -1.77447600
BH23 7AU Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77003700 -1.77932300
BH23 7AX Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77234800 -1.77939700
BH23 7AY Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77210200 -1.77789500
BH23 7AZ Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77192600 -1.77513100
BH23 7BA Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77377500 -1.77812900
BH23 7BB Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77336500 -1.77976100
BH23 7BD Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77497500 -1.78013700
BH23 7BE Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77543800 -1.78226200
BH23 7BG Ringwood East and Sopley 50.78421200 -1.79171800
BH23 7BH Ringwood East and Sopley 50.79662800 -1.78944300
BH23 7BJ Ringwood East and Sopley 50.79877500 -1.79402300
BH23 7BL Ringwood East and Sopley 50.78891600 -1.79125000
BH23 7BN Ringwood East and Sopley 50.78061900 -1.78794000
BH23 7BQ Ringwood East and Sopley 50.79078500 -1.79532800
BH23 7BU Ringwood East and Sopley 50.77027100 -1.77157200
BH23 7DL Bransgore and Burley 50.75222900 -1.71587300
BH23 7DN Bransgore and Burley 50.75250900 -1.72027900
BH23 7DP Bransgore and Burley 50.75219100 -1.71502200
BH23 7DR Bransgore and Burley 50.75472300 -1.71351800
BH23 7DS Bransgore and Burley 50.75570800 -1.71175500
BH23 7DT Bransgore and Burley 50.75561600 -1.70717600
BH23 7DU Bransgore and Burley 50.75787700 -1.70595000
BH23 7DW Bransgore and Burley 50.75297100 -1.71416700
BH23 7DX Bransgore and Burley 50.76256300 -1.69861100
BH23 7DY Bransgore and Burley 50.76291300 -1.70531600
BH23 7DZ Bransgore and Burley 50.76426800 -1.71860700
BH23 7EA Bransgore and Burley 50.75889600 -1.69587000
BH23 7EB Bransgore and Burley 50.76586300 -1.68802700
BH23 7ED Bransgore and Burley 50.76860200 -1.68347100
BH23 7EE Bashley 50.77173700 -1.68220100
BH23 7EF Bransgore and Burley 50.77269200 -1.69617800
BH23 7EG Bransgore and Burley 50.78456000 -1.69542000
BH23 7EH Bransgore and Burley 50.75903000 -1.69925100
BH23 7EJ Bransgore and Burley 50.75731800 -1.69070600
BH23 8AA Bransgore and Burley 50.78094300 -1.73535800
BH23 8AB Bransgore and Burley 50.78137700 -1.73639100
BH23 8AD Bransgore and Burley 50.78130800 -1.73773900
BH23 8AE Bransgore and Burley 50.78233000 -1.74004500
BH23 8AF Ringwood East and Sopley 50.78544800 -1.74313500
BH23 8AG Bransgore and Burley 50.78235100 -1.73763400
BH23 8AH Bransgore and Burley 50.78244300 -1.73434200
BH23 8AJ Bransgore and Burley 50.78385600 -1.73502900
BH23 8AL Bransgore and Burley 50.78428500 -1.73855200
BH23 8AN Ringwood East and Sopley 50.78526300 -1.73666700
BH23 8AP Bransgore and Burley 50.78278500 -1.74246800
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