Postcodes in Oadby and Wigston District

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This article covers information about postcodes in Oadby and Wigston's local authority district. Oadby and Wigston is an administrative area in Leicestershire County. Oadby and Wigston district is further divided into 10 Wards.

Below is a complete list of Oadby and Wigston Postcodes, it has 1219 active postcodes. Oadby and Wigston contains approximately 21363 residential properties with a population of about 56239.

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Oadby and Wigston Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 56239
Addresses / Property Count 21363
Active Postcodes 1219
County Leicestershire
No Of Wards in Oadby and Wigston 10

What is a District

The United Kingdom is primarily divided into large area blocks called Counties. A district is an administrative block in the UK and part of a County council area. The district is also the second-largest administrative block in the UK after counties. These are also known as local authority districts and are different from city districts. Oadby and Wigston is a local authority district in Leicestershire county. Districts are majorly categorized into 4 types namely:

  • Non-Metropolitan districts
  • Unitary authority areas
  • Metropolitan boroughs
  • London boroughs

Sub Divisions Of a district

Districts are subdivided into different local administrative blocks. Other categories of local administrative blocks that comes under district authority are as follows:

  • Parish
  • Wards
  • Cities

Wards in Oadby and Wigston

There are 10 wards in the district. Below is a list of the wards. You can click on any ward link to view the postcodes of that ward.

Oadby Brocks Hill Oadby Grange Oadby St Peter's Oadby Uplands Oadby Woodlands South Wigston Wigston All Saints Wigston Fields Wigston Meadowcourt Wigston St Wolstan's

View Map Of Oadby and Wigston Wards

This map shows all wards in the district of Oadby and Wigston, zoom to view all the pointers. If you click on any pointer you can see the ward name. Below the ward name, you can see a link called view postcodes. Click on the link to see the postcodes for that ward.

List of Oadby and Wigston postcodes

showing 0-50 of 1219 active postcodes in Oadby and Wigston
Postcode Ward Latitude Longitude
LE18 1AA Wigston All Saints 52.58600000 -1.10997300
LE18 1AB Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58727200 -1.11176300
LE18 1AD Wigston All Saints 52.58552900 -1.10471400
LE18 1AE Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58799600 -1.10764500
LE18 1AF Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58763000 -1.10671400
LE18 1AG Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58720600 -1.10777900
LE18 1AH Wigston All Saints 52.58566800 -1.10884400
LE18 1AJ Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58840900 -1.10644100
LE18 1AL Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58738600 -1.11019600
LE18 1AN Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58757300 -1.11118100
LE18 1AP Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58704600 -1.10677900
LE18 1AQ Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58758600 -1.10926200
LE18 1AR Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58658300 -1.10979900
LE18 1AT Wigston All Saints 52.58427000 -1.10832600
LE18 1BA Wigston Fields 52.58886300 -1.11661700
LE18 1BB Wigston Fields 52.58922000 -1.11627000
LE18 1BD Wigston Fields 52.59094200 -1.12044300
LE18 1BE Wigston Fields 52.59190200 -1.12143400
LE18 1BF Wigston Fields 52.59215400 -1.12152500
LE18 1BG Wigston Fields 52.59257000 -1.12182700
LE18 1BH Wigston Fields 52.59402700 -1.12548100
LE18 1BJ Wigston Fields 52.59398700 -1.12495000
LE18 1BL Wigston Fields 52.59409500 -1.12373700
LE18 1BP Wigston Fields 52.59559500 -1.12353000
LE18 1BQ Wigston Fields 52.59345800 -1.12278400
LE18 1BR Wigston Fields 52.59508500 -1.12155500
LE18 1BS Wigston Fields 52.59484200 -1.12382600
LE18 1DA Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59028600 -1.10976800
LE18 1DB Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58992200 -1.11032200
LE18 1DD Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58799200 -1.11308300
LE18 1DE Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59186200 -1.10888000
LE18 1DF Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59108800 -1.11116900
LE18 1DG Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58985700 -1.11233700
LE18 1DH Wigston Fields 52.58880600 -1.11379900
LE18 1DJ Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59055500 -1.11076700
LE18 1DL Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59023300 -1.10869200
LE18 1DN Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58977700 -1.10780100
LE18 1DP Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58890300 -1.10863700
LE18 1DQ Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58845900 -1.11301500
LE18 1DR Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58700500 -1.10615100
LE18 1DS Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59022900 -1.10680900
LE18 1DT Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58663500 -1.10600500
LE18 1DW Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58844200 -1.11065400
LE18 1DX Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58822400 -1.10920500
LE18 1DY Wigston Fields 52.58898900 -1.11412000
LE18 1DZ Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58876300 -1.10687700
LE18 1EA Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58947100 -1.10897300
LE18 1EB Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58803200 -1.11233000
LE18 1ED Wigston St Wolstan's 52.58969900 -1.11168500
LE18 1EF Wigston St Wolstan's 52.59697100 -1.11047400
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