St Martin's Postcode, Map, Properties and Census Information

St Martin's is a ward in Isles of Scilly district. St Martin's ward has 3 Total postcodes out of which only 3 postcodes are active. You can view all the postcodes below.
There are 4 other wards in Isles of Scilly district near St Martin's.

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St Martin's Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 136
Addresses / Property Count 54
County Cornwall
District Isles of Scilly
Active Postcodes 3
Nearby wards in Isles of Scilly district 4

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St Martin's Postcode Table - 3 active postcodes found

Postcode Latitude Longitude District Easting Northing
TR25 0QL 49.96094400 -6.28302300 Isles of Scilly 92936 15547
TR25 0QN 49.96602900 -6.29537400 Isles of Scilly 92083 16163
TR25 0QW 49.96583000 -6.30171800 Isles of Scilly 91627 16167