Postcodes in Great Yarmouth District

This article covers information about postcodes in Great Yarmouth's local authority district. Great Yarmouth is an administrative area in Norfolk County. Great Yarmouth district is further divided into 17 Wards.

Below is a complete list of Great Yarmouth Postcodes, it has 2638 active postcodes. Great Yarmouth contains approximately 42083 residential properties with a population of about 97289.

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Great Yarmouth Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 97289
Addresses / Property Count 42083
Active Postcodes 2638
County Norfolk
No Of Wards in Great Yarmouth 17

What is a District

The United Kingdom is primarily divided into large area blocks called Counties. A district is an administrative block in the UK and part of a County council area. The district is also the second-largest administrative block in the UK after counties. These are also known as local authority districts and are different from city districts. Great Yarmouth is a local authority district in Norfolk county. Districts are majorly categorized into 4 types namely:

  • Non-Metropolitan districts
  • Unitary authority areas
  • Metropolitan boroughs
  • London boroughs

Sub Divisions Of a district

Districts are subdivided into different local administrative blocks. Other categories of local administrative blocks that comes under district authority are as follows:

  • Parish
  • Wards
  • Cities

Wards in Great Yarmouth

There are 17 wards in the district. Below is a list of the wards. You can click on any ward link to view the postcodes of that ward.

Bradwell North,   Bradwell South and Hopton,   Caister North,   Caister South,   Central and Northgate,   Claydon,   East Flegg,   Fleggburgh,   Gorleston,   Lothingland,   Magdalen,   Nelson,   Ormesby,   St Andrews,   Southtown and Cobholm,   West Flegg,   Yarmouth North,  

View Map Of Great Yarmouth Wards

This map shows all wards in the district of Great Yarmouth, zoom to view all the pointers. If you click on any pointer you can see the ward name. Below the ward name, you can see a link called view postcodes. Click on the link to see the postcodes for that ward.

List of Great Yarmouth postcodes

showing 350-400 of 2638 active postcodes in Great Yarmouth
Postcode Ward Latitude Longitude
NR29 4LG East Flegg 52.69707100 1.68773800
NR29 4LH East Flegg 52.69647500 1.68752500
NR29 4LJ East Flegg 52.69860200 1.68767500
NR29 4LL East Flegg 52.69782900 1.68879400
NR29 4LN East Flegg 52.69839300 1.68571700
NR29 4LP East Flegg 52.69953600 1.68510300
NR29 4LQ East Flegg 52.69778300 1.68797600
NR29 4LR East Flegg 52.69890300 1.68349500
NR29 4LS East Flegg 52.69878500 1.68237500
NR29 4LT East Flegg 52.69760900 1.68085400
NR29 4LU East Flegg 52.69795500 1.67838100
NR29 4LW East Flegg 52.69823600 1.68354300
NR29 4LX East Flegg 52.69831800 1.67887100
NR29 4LY East Flegg 52.69835400 1.67684600
NR29 4LZ East Flegg 52.69844100 1.67750400
NR29 4NA East Flegg 52.69740100 1.67682500
NR29 4NB East Flegg 52.69488200 1.65766300
NR29 4ND East Flegg 52.69872600 1.67558900
NR29 4NE East Flegg 52.69923200 1.67754100
NR29 4NF East Flegg 52.68653000 1.68625700
NR29 4NG East Flegg 52.70010000 1.67478600
NR29 4NH East Flegg 52.69654700 1.68345900
NR29 4NJ East Flegg 52.69321300 1.69061000
NR29 4NL East Flegg 52.68993600 1.69356000
NR29 4NN East Flegg 52.69160500 1.69544800
NR29 4NP East Flegg 52.69387500 1.69273800
NR29 4NQ East Flegg 52.69944300 1.67884700
NR29 4NR East Flegg 52.69303800 1.69246000
NR29 4NS East Flegg 52.69464800 1.69216700
NR29 4NT East Flegg 52.69427700 1.69108500
NR29 4NU East Flegg 52.69463300 1.69148500
NR29 4NW East Flegg 52.69026000 1.70565200
NR29 4NX East Flegg 52.69470000 1.69282300
NR29 4NY East Flegg 52.69266400 1.68973500
NR29 4NZ West Flegg 52.71014000 1.63711200
NR29 4PA West Flegg 52.70340100 1.63545500
NR29 4PB West Flegg 52.70348100 1.63783700
NR29 4PD West Flegg 52.70160900 1.63874100
NR29 4PE West Flegg 52.70442100 1.63765700
NR29 4PF West Flegg 52.70425600 1.63719100
NR29 4PG West Flegg 52.70520000 1.63601900
NR29 4PH East Flegg 52.69136100 1.69604900
NR29 4PJ West Flegg 52.70282100 1.63996700
NR29 4PL West Flegg 52.70391400 1.63514800
NR29 4PN West Flegg 52.70502700 1.63316200
NR29 4PP West Flegg 52.70638600 1.63078700
NR29 4PQ West Flegg 52.70712400 1.63489700
NR29 4PR West Flegg 52.70740800 1.63207800
NR29 4PS West Flegg 52.70951400 1.62232400
NR29 4PT West Flegg 52.70917600 1.63190700
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