Postcodes in Oldham District

This article covers information about postcodes in Oldham's local authority district. Oldham is an administrative area in Greater Manchester County. Oldham district is further divided into 20 Wards.

Below is a complete list of Oldham Postcodes, it has 5805 active postcodes. Oldham contains approximately 89704 residential properties with a population of about 224891.

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Oldham Postcode and Census - Statistical Overview

Population 224891
Addresses / Property Count 89704
Active Postcodes 5805
County Greater Manchester
No Of Wards in Oldham 20

What is a District

The United Kingdom is primarily divided into large area blocks called Counties. A district is an administrative block in the UK and part of a County council area. The district is also the second-largest administrative block in the UK after counties. These are also known as local authority districts and are different from city districts. Oldham is a local authority district in Greater Manchester county. Districts are majorly categorized into 4 types namely:

  • Non-Metropolitan districts
  • Unitary authority areas
  • Metropolitan boroughs
  • London boroughs

Sub Divisions Of a district

Districts are subdivided into different local administrative blocks. Other categories of local administrative blocks that comes under district authority are as follows:

  • Parish
  • Wards
  • Cities

Wards in Oldham

There are 20 wards in the district. Below is a list of the wards. You can click on any ward link to view the postcodes of that ward.

Alexandra,   Chadderton Central,   Chadderton North,   Chadderton South,   Coldhurst,   Crompton,   Failsworth East,   Failsworth West,   Hollinwood,   Medlock Vale,   Royton North,   Royton South,   Saddleworth North,   Saddleworth South,   Saddleworth West and Lees,   St James',   St Mary's,   Shaw,   Waterhead,   Werneth,  

View Map Of Oldham Wards

This map shows all wards in the district of Oldham, zoom to view all the pointers. If you click on any pointer you can see the ward name. Below the ward name, you can see a link called view postcodes. Click on the link to see the postcodes for that ward.

List of Oldham postcodes

showing 100-150 of 5805 active postcodes in Oldham
Postcode Ward Latitude Longitude
M35 0EJ Failsworth West 53.50848800 -2.15873400
M35 0EL Failsworth West 53.50893300 -2.16182700
M35 0EN Failsworth West 53.50856300 -2.16283600
M35 0EQ Failsworth West 53.50792500 -2.16280300
M35 0ES Failsworth West 53.50695700 -2.16047700
M35 0ET Failsworth West 53.50661800 -2.15875700
M35 0EU Failsworth West 53.50602800 -2.15661400
M35 0EW Failsworth West 53.50850100 -2.16232300
M35 0EX Failsworth West 53.50476100 -2.15635300
M35 0EY Failsworth West 53.50581700 -2.15949300
M35 0EZ Failsworth West 53.50619500 -2.15905700
M35 0FA Failsworth West 53.50525500 -2.17581900
M35 0FB Failsworth West 53.50803100 -2.15755600
M35 0FE Failsworth West 53.50601700 -2.15780500
M35 0FF Failsworth West 53.50956700 -2.15836100
M35 0FG Failsworth West 53.50766200 -2.15740400
M35 0FH Failsworth East 53.51093500 -2.15681300
M35 0FL Failsworth West 53.50876300 -2.16155500
M35 0FP Failsworth West 53.50707200 -2.16216700
M35 0FS Failsworth West 53.50663500 -2.15988800
M35 0FT Failsworth West 53.50528100 -2.15685300
M35 0FU Failsworth West 53.50556100 -2.15623600
M35 0FW Failsworth West 53.50795300 -2.16167200
M35 0FX Failsworth West 53.50571800 -2.15938700
M35 0FY Failsworth West 53.50645500 -2.15984200
M35 0FZ Failsworth West 53.50650700 -2.16119900
M35 0GA Failsworth West 53.51191100 -2.15971200
M35 0GB Failsworth West 53.51149700 -2.15974100
M35 0GD Failsworth West 53.51099400 -2.15964800
M35 0GE Failsworth West 53.51125100 -2.16260500
M35 0GF Failsworth West 53.51028700 -2.16403400
M35 0GG Failsworth West 53.49941500 -2.15410200
M35 0GH Failsworth West 53.50036700 -2.15472400
M35 0GJ Failsworth West 53.50182800 -2.15109600
M35 0GL Failsworth West 53.50272700 -2.15131000
M35 0GN Failsworth West 53.50207300 -2.14974000
M35 0GP Failsworth West 53.50122600 -2.15133500
M35 0GQ Failsworth West 53.49916100 -2.15601600
M35 0GR Failsworth West 53.49825700 -2.15317900
M35 0GS Failsworth West 53.50119100 -2.15733500
M35 0GT Failsworth West 53.51131100 -2.16436900
M35 0GU Failsworth West 53.50206300 -2.15046400
M35 0GW Failsworth West 53.50112900 -2.14975200
M35 0GX Failsworth West 53.50224300 -2.15017800
M35 0GY Failsworth West 53.51060400 -2.16240600
M35 0HA Failsworth West 53.50732100 -2.16379600
M35 0HB Failsworth West 53.50718500 -2.16518300
M35 0HD Failsworth West 53.50641200 -2.16501400
M35 0HE Failsworth West 53.50609600 -2.16564600
M35 0HF Failsworth West 53.50633800 -2.16609900
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