Complete List Of UK Schools

We have compiled a complete list of Schools in United Kingdom. Generally all local administration controls schooling system, there was no single list of schools available for all the regions, So we bring you a single platform to search the best school near you. Click on any school link to view it's complete details.

Schools table

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Establishment name Postcode Town Street Locality
St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School E9 7JF London Kingshold Road
St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Stoke Newington N16 0JT London Barn Street Stoke Newington
St Scholastica's Catholic Primary School E5 8BS London Kenninghall Road
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School N16 6PD London 75 Cazenove Road Stoke Newington
Haggerston School E2 8LS London Weymouth Terrace Hackney
Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form N16 9EX London Clissold Road
Our Lady's Convent Roman Catholic High School N16 5AF London 6-16 Amhurst Park Stamford Hill
The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School E9 6NR London Paragon Road Hackney
Cardinal Pole Catholic School E9 6LG London 205 Morning Lane Hackney
Yesodey Hatorah School N16 5AE London 2-4 Amhurst Park Hackney
Talmud Torah Yetev Lev N16 6AX London 111-115 Cazenove Road
Bnois Jerusalem Girls School N16 5DL London 79/81 Amhurst Park
Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School N16 5DL London 51-57 Amhurst Park
Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School E5 9SN London 1 Belz Terrace Clapton Common
Beis Malka Girls' School N16 6XD London 93 Alkham Road
Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School N16 6XB London 26 Lampard Grove
Talmud Torah Bobov Primary School N16 6UE London 87 Egerton Road
T T T Y Y School N16 5NH London 14 Heathland Road
Tayyibah Girls' School N16 6JJ London 88 Filey Avenue Stamford Hill
Paragon Christian Academy E5 0JP London 233-241 Glyn Road Hackney
River House Montessori School E14 9XP London Unit C Great Eastern Enterprise
Stormont House School E5 8NP London Downs Park Road
The Garden School N16 8BZ London Wordsworth Road
Ickburgh School E9 5RB London Kenworthy Road Hackney
Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre W12 7PH London Australia Road White City
Vanessa Nursery School W12 9JA London 14 Cathnor Road
James Lee Nursery School W14 9BH London Gliddon Road
Bayonne Nursery School W6 8PF London 50 Paynes Walk
Addison Primary School W14 0DT London Addison Gardens Blythe Road
Avonmore Primary School W14 8SH London Avonmore Road
Brackenbury Primary School W6 0BA London Dalling Road Hammersmith
Miles Coverdale Primary School W12 8JJ London Coverdale Road Shepherds Bush
Flora Gardens Primary School W6 0UD London Dalling Road
Kenmont Primary School NW10 6AL London Valliere Road
Melcombe Primary School W6 9ER London Fulham Palace Road
Old Oak Primary School W12 0AS London Mellitus Street East Acton
Sir John Lillie Primary School SW6 7LN London Lillie Road
Wendell Park Primary School W12 9LB London Cobbold Road
Wormholt Park Primary School W12 0SR London Bryony Road
All Saints CofE Primary School SW6 6ED London Bishops Avenue Fulham
Holy Cross RC School SW6 4BL London Basuto Road
John Betts Primary School W6 0UA London Paddenswick Road
St Augustine's RC Primary School W6 8QE London Disbrowe Road
St Johns Walham Green Church of England Primary School SW6 6AS London Filmer Road Fulham
St Mary's Catholic Primary School W14 0LT London Masbro Road
St Paul's CofE Primary School W6 9BP London Worlidge Street
St Peter's Primary School W6 9BA London St Peter's Road Hammersmith
St Stephen's CofE Primary School W12 8LH London Uxbridge Road
Good Shepherd RC Primary School W12 9BY London 35 Gayford Road
St John XXIII Catholic Primary School W12 7QT London 1 India Way
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