Complete List Of UK Schools

We have compiled a complete list of Schools in United Kingdom. Generally all local administration controls schooling system, there was no single list of schools available for all the regions, So we bring you a single platform to search the best school near you. Click on any school link to view it's complete details.

Schools table

showing 450-500 of 29680 schools

Establishment name Postcode Town Street Locality
Lansdowne School SW9 9QG London Combermere Road
Elm Court School SW2 2EF London Elm Park
Clyde Nursery School SE8 5NH London Alverton Street Deptford
Chelwood Nursery School SE4 2QQ London Chelwood Walk Turnham Road
Adamsrill Primary School SE26 4AQ London Adamsrill Road Sydenham
Athelney Primary School SE6 3LD London Athelney Street
Baring Primary School SE12 0NB London Linchmere Road
Beecroft Garden Primary SE4 2BS London Beecroft Road
Childeric Primary School SE14 6DG London Childeric Road New Cross
Cooper's Lane Primary School SE12 0LF London Pragnell Road
Dalmain Primary School SE23 1AS London Grove Close Brockley Rise
Deptford Park Primary School SE8 5RJ London Evelyn Street
Downderry Primary School BR1 5QL Bromley Downderry Road Downham
Edmund Waller Primary School SE14 5LY London Waller Road
Elfrida Primary School SE6 3EN London Elfrida Crescent Bellingham
Forster Park Primary School SE6 1PQ London Boundfield Road
Gordonbrock Primary School SE4 1HQ London Amyruth Road Brockley
Grinling Gibbons Primary School SE8 5LW London Clyde Street Deptford
Haseltine Primary School SE26 5AD London Haseltine Road Bell Green
Brindishe Green School SE13 6EH London Beacon Road
Holbeach Primary School SE6 4TP London Nelgarde Road
John Stainer Community Primary School SE4 2DY London Mantle Road Brockley
Kelvin Grove Primary School SE26 6BB London Kelvin Grove
Kender Primary School SE14 5JA London Kender Street New Cross
Launcelot Primary School BR1 5EA Bromley Launcelot Road Downham
Brindishe Manor School SE13 5LS London Leahurst Road Lewisham
Lucas Vale Primary School SE8 4QB London Thornville Street
Marvels Lane Primary School SE12 9RA London Riddons Road Grove Park
Rangefield Primary School BR1 4RP Bromley Glenbow Road Downham
Rathfern Primary School SE6 4NL London Rathfern Road Catford
Rushey Green Primary School SE6 2LA London Culverley Road Catford
Sandhurst Junior School SE6 1NW London Minard Road Catford
Sandhurst Infant and Nursery School SE6 1NW London Minard Road
Stillness Junior School SE23 1NH London Brockley Rise Forest Hill
Stillness Infant School SE23 1NH London Brockley Rise
Torridon Junior School SE6 1TG London Hazelbank Road
Torridon Infant School SE6 1TG London Torridon Road
John Ball Primary School SE3 0TP London Southvale Road Blackheath
Fairlawn Primary School SE23 3SB London Honor Oak Road
Eliot Bank Primary School SE26 4BU London Thorpewood Avenue Sydenham
Sir Francis Drake Primary School SE8 5AE London Scawen Road
Myatt Garden Primary School SE4 1DF London Rokeby Road Brockley
Horniman Primary School SE23 3BP London Horniman Drive
Perrymount Primary School SE23 2PX London Sunderland Road Forest Hill
Ashmead Primary School SE8 4DX London Ashmead Road
Brindishe Lee School SE12 8NA London Wantage Road Lee Green
Kilmorie Primary School SE23 2SP London Kilmorie Road
All Saints' Church of England Primary School SE3 0TX London 2 Blackheath Vale Blackheath
St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School SE4 2BB London Howson Road Brockley
St George's CofE Primary School SE23 2NE London Perry Vale Forest Hill
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